Picture of the CDF Detector

We show below a photograph of the CDF detector, as well as (to the right) an artist sketch of the CDF detector, with a quarter removed to show the inside configuration.

The photograph below was taken when the Endcap was moved out in the process of inserting the SVX (Silicon Vertex Tracker) detector into the inside of the detector just next to the beam. As you can see, there are lots of electronics and cables on the detector, necessary to record the information from the various tracking and calorimeter components of the CDF detector--roughly 500,000 channels of information. For scale, the "hole" in the middle of the detector inside the solenoid magnet (which contains the COT and SVX tracking detectors) measures 3 meters (roughly 10 feet) in diameter--the solenoid magnet is just inside the EM calorimeter, shown in red in the artist sketch at the right.